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Cliche metal

Metal cliche for printing and embossing


The metal plate are designed for deep and tampo printing as well as embossing and foil stamping paper.

Cliches can be used in the exclusive technologies to create a protect against counterfeiting reliefs at various levels, as well as in the production of business cards.
Metal plate manufactured by the method of chemical milling.

Material plates for hot foil stamping paper - brass;
Material plates for deep and tampo-print - instrumental extra-hard steel;

The minimum size of the elements of 40-50 microns;
Maximum format of the working field 100x100 mm (possible the manufacture of plates of other formats by arrangement with the customer).

The deadline for making molds from 3 to 15 days.

The cost of manufacturing according to the layout of the customer (excluding the cost of the photomask) for 1 sq cm:

  • when the size of the elements of 40-50 µm - 0.8$
  • when the size of items in excess of 50 μm to 0.6$


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