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Manufacturing of UV curing polymers
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UV resin for bulk products, hard, 300g.

Designed for the manufacture of various 3D products by pouring into molds. The most accurate castings are obtained by using solid forms. It is preferable to use solid silicone molds for casting decorative elements in creativity.

Advantages over acrylate resins, in high technology and quality of filling of working surfaces. Cures under UV lamps and UV LEDs in the range of UV-a 320-380nm.
UV resin is not afraid of freezing during transportation in the cold season.

The viscosity of UV resin can be lowered for faster spreading and filling of the surface by a small local heating. Heating should be no higher than +60 degrees. When heated for every 10 degrees the viscosity of the resin falls in 2 times.

Transparent, viscous resin on the basis of oligourethaneacrylates, odorless.

Shelf life: 1 year at a temperature no higher than 20 degrees. When stored at a temperature of +6..+ 15 degrees shelf life is greatly increased.

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