Research & Production Group
Manufacturing of UV curing polymers
Russia, Nizhny Novgorod
Lenin Av., 88/4
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UV polymers. Low prices!
The manufacturing UV curing polymers with low prices. Any subject: UV lacquer, UV paint, UV ink, UV polymers for 3D printers, UV gels, etc. Interested in purchase of 10 kg. Dealers special prices. From you description of the product-analogue and providing the sample.

Improved composition of UV glue due to the balanced content of the individual components. Tested in all characteristics showed a high result.

Expanded range of UV glue. Now available is the brand of glue is more resistant to sudden temperature changes, which is important in the winter when glass with metal.

From the 1st of June new proposals for wholesale buyers UV glue "Spectrum". The offer is valid for order quantities of 3 kg in the quarter.

Improved customer service. Free delivery of our products by N. Novgorod directly to the production of consumers.
Provide advice on the organization of technological process of gluing the enterprise.


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